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LOCATION: Western Suffolk Va.
(Just off of Rt.58 between Holland & Franklin)

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- Percussion -
And The Well Trained Ear

Latin, or 'Hand Percussion' is quite different from playing a drum set.
A set is all about keeping the 'down beat'.

Latin percussion is all about the 'off beat'.

When you learn the difference, you enter the amazing world of Latin Percussion.

By learning a few standard, classic patterns for Latin percussion instruments, you can set yourself apart from most, who merely 'play at' Hand Percussion.

You always know when a drummer is playing the congas.

You can tell by which beats are emphasized.

The 'down' or the 'off' beat.

Come learn to play 'off' the beaten path.
Take the path that few drummers take.
Set yourself apart from the rest.
Become Master of the Groove.

Learn Latin Percussion.

Some Latin Percussion Patterns:

Sibelius Scorch Plug-In Needed.
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