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LOCATION: Western Suffolk Va.
(Just off of Rt.58 between Holland & Franklin)

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Course Outline

Have you ever struggled to find just the right chord? Ever heard a great song, only to forget it by the time you can get to an instrument to figure it out? Ever had to come up with a harmony, only to find everything BUT? And how did that really cool groove go? What determines a harmony anyway? Ever thought of a great tune and wished there was a way to jot down the chords and melody, but you rarely carry staff paper? To me, ear training was like sign language to a deaf person. I think you‘re gonna like this stuff…

Melodic Ear Training:

  • Meet your new friends: The 5 Note Scale
  • Memorize, Sing, Perform the 5 note scale, SOLO
  • Find The ONE, in your favorite songs on the radio or CDs
  • Sing the 5 note scale Over Top Of your favorite songs on the radio or CDs
  • Meet the cousins: 6 & 7
  • Go home and write the melody over the words of a favorite song, in numbers

Chordal Ear Training

  • Meet the 4 most popular chords at school: I, IV, V, vi
  • Major vs. Minor chords; Tension and release
  • The 1950’s progression
  • Church music progressions; an introduction to taking off
  • Write down a progression; Off the top of your head, or off a CD you have; THEN play it
  • Write out some more progressions
  • Meet the cousins, ii, iii, and vii Write out some more progressions - that include the cousins Chord Inversions
  • Tonic or Not the Tonic?
  • What’s the bass line?
  • How is that chord spelled?


Strumming Patterns:

Simple Meter | Compound Meter | Other


Here's what some of my students have said:

“ I have learned to listen for the chords much better then I could have a year ago. I have learned to like theory… to enjoy it.” Hannah (age 14)

“Since beginning, I’ve learned more about the actual theory side of my music. I’ve learned a lot… mostly about chord structure and scales. I enjoy that mostly because it pertains more to my practical playing. Woohoo!” Sean (age 16)

“What I have learned in theory class: All of the key signatures, how to identify time signatures better, how to recognize chords better, how to build chords on a scale, (which helped me in my piano lessons) and how to identify intervals…” Janelle (age 14)

“I learned that there is order to music. I have learned how to hear the notes in a different way. It was helpful when I was in band, with key signatures.” Jamie (age 14)

“Well, since I started theory class, I have learned quiet a few things. First, I learned chord structure and chord progressions. Second, I learned how to differentiate between major and minor chords, and other things of the like.” David (age 17)

“I learned a lot of stuff that I did not know before I was in this class, like chords, (That was a lot of fun) and scales. My favorite part was when we had to bring in CD’s. I have enjoyed theory a lot.”
Abigail (age 11)


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