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What an adventure. It was the first time playing with "The Brothers, Napier". The youngest, David, was I think only 14 at the time. But what a brilliant drummer! Mike Napier is perhaps the best bass player I've ever known. I called him back for several projects after this show. John added the icing - some good leads on electric guitar. I believe that in Webster's Dictionary under the word "gentleman", I think it says "see John Napier".

They learned 9 of my songs - the night before the show.

Sure it wasn't perfect... but everyone was smiling really big upon arriving in the hall after walking off the stage. It really went better than I could have expected. I'll always love the Napier brothers. For their amazing musical talent, yes, but I think even more for their integrity, their servants hearts, their godliness and their character.
What a wonderful, talented 3 guys they are.

We were joined by my little bro David on piano and percussion, and also Sandy Hunt on violin.


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For Those Who Know Better (Napier sessions - studio version)

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You Know Me Well

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In The Garden

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My Eyes Give Me Away

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No Questions

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The Harbour

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The King Is Coming

Vocals Kate Rockey
Acoustic Guitar Kate Rockey
Electric Guitar John Napier
Bass Mike Napier
Piano / Percussion David Rockey
Drums David Napier
Violin Sandy Hunt
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