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It was the best of times... It was the worst of times. That pretty much says it.
But the creativity that flowed so early on, while we were all students in Nashville, has yet to be matched.

My older brother was an audio engineering student at MTSU while I, and my college roomate were music students at Belmont Univeristy in Nashville. We got free studio time, and Garrett got free material and musicians to use in his projects to then turn in for a grade.

One day it was Garrett's turn to play his recording project in class. Afterward, his teacher tells the class "You see, this is the kind of results you can get when you use professional musicians!"

I don't remember if Garrett told him or not that it was simply his little sister and her roomate... We didn't care. We were so flattered...


Listen Lyrics Inspiration Groundhog Day
Listen Lyrics Inspiration

Forgive Me

Listen Lyrics Inspiration Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Listen Lyrics Inspiration His Love Endures Forever


Vocals, BG Vocals, Lyrics, Music Kate Rockey / Holly Dutton
Piano Holly Dutton
Guitars Holly Dutton
Percussion Kate Rockey / John Rockey
Engineered by Garrett Rockey
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