Kate & Michael - Married December 31st, 2005

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Suffolk rings in '06
Suffolk Herold News

Kate and Michael became one of Suffolk’s last-wed couples of 2005 Saturday at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church. News-Herald photo/Jason Norman

For most of Suffolk, Saturday night marked an annual ending. For Michael and Kate, however, it was a special beginning. With just a few hours left in 2005, the two were married at Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church.

"She's everything I ever wanted," said Michael, who, ironically enough, met Kate while hiring her for a north Suffolk software engineering firm. "I knew she worked well with others, and things just went from there."

Over the past few years, Michael joked, he'd compiled a list of qualities for his ideal lady.

"Some of my friends were telling me that I needed to cut it down to a few things," he said, "but she filled everything on it. I had to add things for her. She's a dream come true." The couple planned to honeymoon in Hawaii.



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