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Friday, June 05, 2009

A Baby of Sorts...

This past Monday morning, I was grumpy towards Michael through my morning routine. The den was messy, he was zombie Michael. I was again wondering if I'd ever be a mom. Pretty grumpy...

Later, Michael & I were driving to work. Had just left the house, entering 464 to 64 to Suffolk when Michael says 'I think there's a kitten! I just saw a kitten on the road.'
I asked 'alive?'
He said 'I think so. I think I saw it move! Do you think we should go back?'

Crisis of decision:
A.) get back off the interstate, back track, loop around to find a most likely, half smashed kitten, take it to an animal hospital, incur major vet bill... OR
B.) just keep going, get to work almost on time.

I said 'if it's alive, we need to go back! And we did.

We looped back around, got mostly off the left side. The kitten bolted for UNDER our car. I got out to look under. He was right about the spot where Michael would put his foot down if he got out!
So I came up to tell Michael 'DON"T GET OUT!' for fear he'd flee back onto the road. I looked under again, and he'd moved towards the rear passenger side tire. He started climbing into the wheel well / axle. I asked Michael to direct traffic as I tried to pull him out (wow SHARP teeth!!). The poor thing was terrified, and I couldn't see thru the tire. I laid on my back, legs in the street behind the tire. I got his two back feet and started slowly pulling him out. Then I was able to grab the scruff of his neck and pulled him out as he screamed for dear life & pooped. We wrapped him in a blanket that was in the car.

'Now what?'

'Let's take him to work with us! We went back home to grab the cat kennel, kitty litter, food, litter pan, etc.'.
He spent all day Monday & tuesday on my desk in the kennel. Quiet as a mouse.
Monday evening, he was introduced to Copland (who licked his butt /played mommy doggy). Toca gently smelled him; Mocha was nice, then just kept hissing / grumping. Bailey met him Tuesday night. She responded about the same as Mocha.
Tuesday night, we discussed how long it would be before it would be safe for the kitten to be left alone w/ the others. If Toca just accidentally stepped on him, it could easily kill him, he was SO tiny!
I realized that it could take up to a year before we felt he'd be safe at home w/o us there!

I thought about our neighbors, the Rowlands. Their little black cat Belle went missing about 2 months ago. The three little girls were crushed on the day that Adrian & Lauren had to explain to them that Belle was gone, and may never return. I suggested to Michael, offering the kitten to them, thinking it would be easier on our household and a blessing to them.
To my surprise, Michael said 'NOOOOOO.'
He felt responsible for the little guy, since he saw him in the street.
He told me what he saw in that instant:
'I could see what looked like a little black kitten sitting in the center of the street all balled up. All the cars must have strattled him! He was covering his head in his paws, face to the street, facing traffic. Then he lifted his head and meowed.'
Michael saw his very pink little tongue, and a little cat who must have been terrified.
He wanted to keep him, make sure he'd be safe for the rest of his little life. :-)
I was fine w/ that. And I remembered what a sweet, tender heart Michael has.
For the rest of this week, the animals have been getting to know the little guy better. It's been very cute / entertaining!
Kitten is fearless! Even played w/ Toca to the point that Toca was worn out & had to go lay down. He takes rejection from the older cats well. They hiss, he backs off, then comes right back for more.


But what's even more amazing is this:

The Lord knows the longings of my heart.
I've been wanting to get pregnant.
Holly suggested something I'd been wondering myself. Maybe there's a reason I'm not a mom yet. The Lord knows what is best, and has a plan for me. I want His will to be done more than I want a baby.
So my loving Heavenly Father met me in my need Monday morning, and brought me 'a baby of sorts'. A comfort & a joy while I wait.
And a husband who wants to 'keep the baby'!

We haven't given him a name yet.
Taking suggestions.

Update – We named him 'Miracle'.
On July 19, I discovered that I was pregnant. An ultrasound, a week later said I was 9 weeks pregnant. :o)  God is so kind, so merciful to me.

Miracle runs the house now.


Kate Walsh

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"...God has never let me down yet and at this moment the music is still playing, the house is still quiet and we are still looking forward to the coming year… So for now I will set aside my concerns, turn off my computer and fall asleep to the sound of music...I am so blessed." - Kelly Allen


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